It all started when...

Since the beginning of 1998 it has been a joy and a privilege to work as a Makeup Artist/Designer on productions with Netflix, ABC, NBC, CBC, SONY Pictures, Marvel, Showcase, Lions Gate Films, Hallmark, Fox Searchlight, Vanity Fair and others.  

The span of my career has allowed me to fulfill my creative drive, meet amazing people, experience beautiful locations and has allowed for continuous experiences where I never stop learning!

I have become a smarter makeup artist, understanding that years on set, long hours, no sleep, varying weather conditions and poor product choices create challenges for an actors' skin.  This had lead me to learning about and implementing clean beauty into my kit and becoming the founder of .

 I have curated products from around the globe from companies who believe that beauty and luxury don't have to cost you your health or have a negative impact on the environment.  

I am excited to move forward within our beauty industry knowing that we can and will do better.